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What you can use your youtube mp3 for

If you are a creative and imaginative sort of reader then this is one of those articles where you can let your hair loose and don’t bother to roll up your sleeves for work. Because even if it is part of your job, being creative, and using your wildest imagination, is great fun anyway. And why do a job that is going to make you miserable. It is probably not making much money for you either, right. Why not do a job that you cannot wait to get up in the morning too, even if it is not making money for you at this point in time.

Soon it could just do that for you. Because at your creative and happiest best, you will be more productive anyway, not so, or don’t you agree. Come on, speak up, don’t be shy. Being at your creative (and productive) best also allows you to speak your mind at the top of your lungs. It’s just that sometimes you’ve got to know what you’re talking about. And if you are that intelligent, maybe even wise like your old grandfather, then maybe you will be doing more listening and reading anyway. The creative topic up for discussion tonight, or this morning if you are up that early, is just what the heck you can use your new youtube mp3 file for.

We like this idea and tool. Forgive us for sounding a bit tacky or clich├ęd, perhaps we need to work on our own creativity a little more, but dynamite does come in small packages. That mp3 file of yours is so handy and portable you can slip it into your pocket just so. But don’t you go and lose the thing now. Anyway, you can make as many recordings as space allows you (and it’s quite a lot as it turns out) and file it away in a safe space on your PC or laptop. And when you are ready to use one of the saved clips, videos or movies then you can simply retrieve it and transfer it to your stick.

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But why do a transfer in the first place? Why not just sit there and watch? Why not go big. Your PC screen is not big enough for your creative pleasure. Simply port into your big flat screen and it’s perfectly clarified high definition technology and watch your latest recording in full splendor, just like at the big screen movies. Your creative juices are surely going to flow a bit better once you are all settled into your favorite couch. But say now you get so cozy and you start dropping off. Was the movie that bad?

No, not at all. More than likely you are so bushed and it’s getting late and you really ought to be heading off to bed in any case. Nothing like a good night’s rest to recharge those creative batteries.