Selecting the Right Paint Store in Toronto

If you are thinking about doing some home renovations or want to enhance the appearance of your investment property then applying a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. A new paint job can give your property a new lease on life provided you apply the right type of paint in the right colour scheme.

Coming Up with a Game Plan

Start by developing a game plan of how you plan to paint the room/s, will you be using an acrylic or oil based paint? This is just one of the questions you must address prior to heading to the paint store to get your supplies. By having a plan in place you will be able to get all of the required paint and materials needed to do the job effectively, don’t forget the tape to create great edges.

paint store in Toronto

Finding the Best Paint Store for Your Project

The majority of us prefer to shop online but when it comes to painting and buying painting supplies you need to go to the shop in person.  You should look for a paint store in Toronto that deals in a wide variety of paints, window treatments, wallpaper, and painting related supplies. While the big box stores are great for basic purchases in this instance you need to focus on businesses that deal solely in painting related products to get the best possible variety.

Prepping the Walls for Painting

After you have picked up the primer, paint, and materials you will need to prepare the wall for painting. One option is to scrape the wall removing the paint and exposing the wall however, in most instances that is not necessary. If the paint is relatively new then you could simply paint over it with a prime then apply a coat of the new paint over it.

While prepping and applying paint you should keep your home well ventilated, especially if using oil based paints. There are individuals who have sensitivities to the smell of paint and if the home is not properly ventilated you could suffer a reaction.

Allowing Sufficient Time to Dry Between Coats

One of the most common mistakes that people make is not allowing the paint to properly dry before applying a new coat. It could take a few hours up to an entire day for the paint to dry before you can put on another coat. If you are able to wait for the paint to dry the walls are going to look amazing.

Getting the Family Involved

You could hire a painter to do all of the work for you but since this is a relatively simple job you could get your entire family involved in the process. By having everyone participate in selecting the colours and doing the actual painting it will help save money on the project plus create memories that will last a lifetime which is something to truly smile about.